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Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory


The Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL) at the German Primate Center is an interdisciplinary research laboratory using neuroanatomical, neuropharmacological, behavioral and molecular techniques to investigate functioning of the brain in animal models of psychiatric diseases. The aim of our work is to elucidate brain structures, circuits, pathways and mechanisms that underlie normal and pathological behavior.
This work integrates inputs from other research fields with the ultimate aim of developing new therapeutic strategies for psychiatric disorders.

Successful experimental approaches and therapeutic regimens may be transferred to clinical applications using the same criteria for follow-up evaluations of the diseases, their etiology and therapy.
The laboratory specializes in the development, validation and investigation of animal models to detect abnormal cognitive, motor and emotional expressions of brain pathology. Currently, we are engaged in the investigation of central nervous and behavioral phenomena associated with stress and depression. In addition, we provide service platforms to investigate 1) novel therapeutic strategies for Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis and 2) developmental consequences of prenatal dexamethasone treatments in non-human primates.

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