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Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory

Functional analysis of MHC class I genes

Ulrike Rölleke-Geisler

Functional analysis of MHC class I genes in the marmoset brain

A collaborative project with the Research Group Primate Genetics at the German Primate Center supported by the GRK "Perspectives in Primatology"

In situ hybridization with MHC class I riboprobe


For many years, expression of MHC class I genes in unstimulated neurons of the central nervous system (CNS) has been considered to be low or absent. The lack of MHC class I antigens might account for the immune privileged status of the CNS. Recent results, however, revealed MHC class I expression in certain populations of unstimulated neurons. Further examinations indicated that MHC class I expression closely parallels the spatio-temporal pattern of activity-dependent plasticity in the developing and adult mammalian brain and therefore may play a role in neuronal signaling.
In this project we are analyzing the MHC class I expression in the brain of the common marmoset.(see Rölleke et al., 2006).


in situ hybridization, immunocytochemistry, molecular genetic

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